What hours is the library open?

Please see the Homepage or Hours page for our up-to-date schedule.

How do I check the catalog? Can I do this from home?

Patrons may search the library's online catalog from any device that is connected to the internet, whether at the school, from home, or anywhere else.

How do I know what journals/videos/books the library has?

Search the library's online catalog (see above) from any device that is connected to the internet. In the catalog there is a citation for every book, journal title, and audio/video item in the collection. To see whether an item is available, click on the item title for details and status.

How long may I keep materials out?

Books may be checked out for two weeks. A/V items are loaned for one week. Items may be renewed up to five times, unless another patron has put a hold or recall notice on the item. Journals and items marked "Reserve" cannot be checked out.

If I can't find something at the NESA Kelly Library, where else should I look?

Harvard's Yenching Library
NESA students and faculty with current IDs may access the print collection at Harvard's Yenching Library. After registering with the circulation desk at the Yenching, NESA students and faculty may access its reading rooms and stacks. The Yenching library is located on Harvard's campus at 2 Divinity Avenue, off of Kirkland Street. For directions and holdings information, please review the the Yenching library's website.

Check Worldcat. Locate which local libraries have the journal issues you seek and contact those libraries to see if you may obtain a copy of your desired article.

If no area library holds the article you need, the Kelly LIbrary will try to obtain the article through the National Library of Medicine's Docline ILL system.  See a Library Assistant for help.

What is the password to enter the EBSCO Databases from home?

The password to access the EBSCO Databases can be found on your student ID card. You must enter all eight digits of your student ID number.

How do I login to the Secure Resources section of the site?

To login to the Secure Resources area, select the link from the top toolbar. You will be prompted for a username and password. Most usernames are the first intial of your first name and your last name (e.g., jdoe). Your password is your eight digit barcode on your student ID. If you have any problems, please contact library staff.

What resources are available from home?

Nearly all online resources are available from any internet-enabled device.  If you are unable to connect to your desired resource, please contact the library staff.